Pinkque launches Beautiful Struggle Clothing brand.

During Pinkque's break from the music industry in 2019, she launched her own clothing brand called 'Beautiful Struggle Clothing'. After relapsing to depression in 2017, during her recovery the idea of Beautiful Struggle came to life. Beautiful Struggle Clothing is more than 'just' a clothing line. It is a safe haven where we can unite together to fight against the negative stigma that lies around Mental Illness.

Trance Producer/DJ MaRLo supporting Beautiful Struggle Clothing

at Transmission Festival in Sydney, 2020.

Pinkque will also be working with individuals during in-depths interviews with them to tell their journeys to the world highlighting their struggles and how they overcome everything. BSC value every bodies stories, as each individual is unique - they want to hear about your stories and shine light upon them into the world to inspire, motivate and help others to make them aware that they are not alone.

A percent of every sale will be donated to a nominated charity at the end of each month to ensure BSC are doing their part in the community.

Beautiful Struggle is our story.

Together we will fight the battle.

Together we will refuse to sink.

You are not alone.

Check out the website or buy BSC:

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