Pinkque announces return to trance scene.

In a recent facebook post, Pinkque announces her return to the music industry stating: "I've been doing a lot of thinking and have been getting back into listening to trance music and actually enjoying it again. It's been a while since November 8, 2018 when I posted about taking a step away from trance music to focus on my mental health and I always said you would be the first to know if I do decide to return. I've come to the decision, today, that I will continue to make trance music - I still want to finish my album which has been sitting there for the past 2 years. I will not actively be looking for shows to perform at as I feel that only gives me more stress and less time to focus on writing music, however, if an opportunity comes knocking I will not turn it down like I have been. This mental health break has put A LOT of things into perspective for me, removing myself away from toxic behaviour behind closed doors in the industry and just being able to focus on myself.I thank you all for the love and support, the kind messages to me even though I haven't released anything nor been active.It's time to get back at it - but at my own pace, at my own enjoyment.Below is the link to a mashup I did many years ago, which is up for free download on my souncloud now, I thought it was a little fitting to the announcement..... "I'm coming home."I'm looking forward to just taking it easy, getting back into the swing of things, getting back into writing music again and the determination to finish my album is burning bright.

Much love, Pinkque xxx"

Download Pinkque's mashup for free here

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